Year: 35th day of Spring’s Dawn, 445 (A.L.E.)

The Gods’ Constellations disappeared from the night sky, bringing a foreboding atmosphere to the realm. Many believe the Gods, themselves, have abandoned the world for another, and hushed whispers of war permeate the night. Surrounding the small kingdom of Trijera in the Lands of the Grey Vale to the Northwest is a small village by the name of Loudwater, located on the mouth where two thunderous rivers join violently.
On this day, a full tenday after the disappearance of the Gods’s Constellations, a small group of adventurers are set out to investigate the haunting of the Mines of the Dwarven Halls, at the behest of a mysterious figure dressed in all white.
The adventurers are never heard from or seen again and the mysterious figure in white disappears without a trace.

Year: 83rd day of Autumn’s Twilight, 461 A.L.E (After the Last Empire)

The Halls of the Dwarven Mines have been freed and reopened, and are once again flowing with goods and trade to the nearby areas, promising a future of wealth and prosperity. The dwarves talk of a vampire menace that enslaved their kind, and of a group of adventurers that chased the menace off. No one has seen, or heard, from that group since they left the Halls.
Despite the good fortune, the roads remain dangerous, and though infrequent, a village raid is not unheard of. The villages are weary, and all requests for aid from Trijera, while not outwardly denied, have been met with resistance and ineptitude. Goblin, orc and kobold activity has progressively increased, and talks of impending war flood into the city and the villages with confirmation of mounting attacks and raids.
A large group of mercenaries from Trijera meet with three mysterious figures in a local inn, one dressed in white, a second in black, and a third in red. Promptly, they are dispatched to locate any sign of the missing adventuring party sixteen years prior. They are also never seen or heard from again, and the three mysterious figures disappear without a trace.

Year: 2nd Day of Winter’s Dusk, 493 A.L.E. (After the Last Empire)

For a small while the raids had lessened, and the orcs and goblinkind had become disorganized. But now, they are more fierce than ever, and seemingly properly trained. Many of the surrounding villages have been razed to the ground, and Loudwater is one of the few to withstand the onslaught. Trijera has shut its gates, leaving the countryfolk to fend for themselves. Things are worse than ever, and one of the last beacons of light in the Lands of the Grey Vale, indeed the entire world is on the verge of extinguishing.
It’s been 48 years since the Gods’ Constellations fell from the night sky and prayers have gone silent and unanswered. Magic, once a beacon in the world of darkness, has become unreliable and wild. Who are the three mysterious figures sending endless heroes to the abyss?

As originated by the first group I ran with, and progressed by the previous group; I keep the world in constant progression, and have each group plays with the circumstances as left by the previous. The world you get is affected by the previous actions of others, as the world you leave behind is affected by yours.

We will open at an inn the now fortified village of Loudwater along the Northwestern Edge of Trijera, at the mouth of the Delimbiyr River, at the Dragon’s Codpiece Inn.

Enter the Vale

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