Enter the Vale

Burial Chambers #2

And Then There Were Four.

Attempting to find a route back the way they came, the group noticed a faint fog filtering into the room. As they moved closer to the original room from where they entered, the fog thickened. Blythe, using her detect magic spells and spellcraft abilities was able to discern that the spell was a permanency of Solid Fog. Krosh trying to feel his way through the fog, was able to follow a circuitous route along the walls, but unable to locate the exit, as if the door had been resealed.

Investigating the dwindling magic coming from the sarcophagi, the group decided to open a couple of the graves. Finding nothing of note, other than remarkably well preserved mummies, the group decided that it was best to not desecrate the well kept dwarves.

Electing to explore and find a safe spot to rest, the group decided to go west, where not too far into the burial chambers they encountered a room with a peculiar feature. In the middle of this chamber was a large four-sided pillar, atop a square base lined with dwarven runes along each side. Carved along each side of the pillar itself where other sets of dwarven runes. Using her magic, yet again, Blythe was able to determine that the runes, as well as the pillar were a locking mechanism.

Before proceeding on, they decided to try and get some rest, as a good majority of their energy and abilities were spent fighting just moments before.

After their rest, Krosh noticed that four large objects had been pried from the pillar, one for each side. A quick inspection of one of the nearby rooms revealed a large round plate, roughly 12 inches in diameter, that seemed to match the holes in the pillar itself. Deciding that these plates needed to be reinserted, the group continued to search each room, leaving Maximillion and Alexander to watch the pillar with the first plate.

A few rooms over, the group discovered a quote comical argument between an orc, kobold, and goblin. A closer inspection, Krosh was able to determine that these three bore a strong resemblance to the three from the dreamscape world in which they met with the three mysterious beings.

After listening in, Krosh was able to determine that the Kobold was translating for both the goblin and orc, while cursing sporadically in dwarven. Very clearly intelligent, he decided to let the group know, and they began planning an ambush. After a lengthy debate on how to act, the group decided on a particularly well-thought plan, but upon returning to the chamber which held the three monsters, the group found that the room was empty.

A couple chambers down, the group found the three, with the gobln lying in wait. The battle started off fierce, and these three seemed particularly more capable in their tactics and abilities than anything the group has faced thus far. After killing the kobold, and the orc, the goblin dropped his weapon and surrendered.

At this point, he became severely docile, answering all questions that Krosh had for him, and even offering to assist them if needed. Getting all the information he was going to, Krosh dispatched the goblin. Upon searching the bodies, Pat was able to find some nice gear and weaponry, far beyond anything they had encountered to date, and Blythe’s use of her magic also came in handy, revealing these items to be magically enhanced. The group divided up what they could based on who needed what, and set about to look for the remaining plates.

After a long, arduous search of the entire crypt, the group was able to find all four. Using a bit of logic and luck, the group placed the plates back into the pillar, which immediately began glowing with a bright white, light emanating from the runes. The pillar itself began to rotate, grinding stone upon stone, and a blue light began to pulsate from the pillar, engulfing it in what looked like magical flame. The stone crumbled from the center of the pillar, and the ground shook violently. In the center of the pillar was another blue gem shard, glowing fiercely of its own accord. Krosh went in to scoop up the blue shard, but before he could get it into his bag, it shot lightning quick to Blythe and imbedded itself into her arm.

Pain shot across her body, and her skin began to grow taut as she began to glow with a white glow of her own. The tattoos across her body pulsated in rhythm with the pillar. A crescendo of screams filled the chamber, both male and female. A loud burst filled the room in a white flash, and then suddenly it was quiet. The pillar had ceased moving, and the group could hear more rock against rock as the entrances to the chambers opened. But missing from the room were both Alexander and Blythe, while Max lay in a crumpled heap on the floor.


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