Enter the Vale

Free at last...?

Vampiric Menace

The dragon roared its thunderous roar, and shook the pillars of the dwarven mountain city. Debris and dust exploded into the air, as it demanded who would dare invade Mistress Virella’s sanctuary.

Insults were traded back and forth, with Pat finally getting the last barbed sting, and provoking Vanquesh the Vitriolic into attacking. And attack the mighty beast did.

Watching from another plane of existence, were two long lost allies. To them time was one; no past, no future, no present, but instead one continuous moment. In this realm, with their benefactor the white robed figure, they knew all. They knew how things would end, and they knew that they could not stay in this realm if all was to be restored. and the stars were to be returned to the skies above. Without their help, their allies would surely perish.

Reluctantly, the Alecxander and Maxmillion sacrificed their knowledge, their power, and returned to the prime plane of existence. Though to them they had been gone a few seconds, days had passed in the material realm. Blinking into the realm in a bright white flash, Maximillion jumped into action and began fighting Vanquesh, bringing with him his Eidolon. Soon after Alecxander also blinked in, drawing the beast’s attention from his allies.

The battle was fierce, but the dragon was not alone. Three orc champions, followed by Servant Savant, a vampire spawn, joined the fray. The little children giggling had returned, and these would be heroes would perish in a fitting tomb! The battle grew fierce and bloody, but Alecxander, Maximillion and Steelix the Eidolon focused their might on the great horned lizard, trusting their allies to hold their own against the newer enemies. Things became heated, but finally the overgrown lizard was brought low, letting out a blood curdling death shriek. Victory was all but assured, as the giggling and creepy laughter stopped.

Clapping permeated the darkness as a voice broke through the thick silence following the dragon’s demise. Mistress Virella admired the adventurer’s for their triumph against a juvenile black dragon. She offered to make an exchange, she would return the captured Nekel and Hazel to the group, if they agreed to leave the derelict mines and accept that the territory, formerly the Kingdom of Calagh, belonged to her and her minions while she pet the companion cat that had been with the group since the uncovered grave from the caves.

Dropping his hood in brilliant fashion, Alecxander Divinicus the Second, revealed his identity as Heir to the Throne of the Kingdom of Calagh, with Maximillion, the prince, his successor, at his side. Pat, able to clearly see Alecxander for the first time since meeting, recognized him immediately. Pat was daughter to the Captain of the Guard under Alecxander’s fathers reign, and had served in that same guard herself, before it became corrupted by the Steward currently in command. Putting herself between Mistress Virella and the rightful king, she let her pistol blaze in gunpowder and steel.

Angrily Mistress Virella declared that the line of kings was broken, and would never be restored! In retaliation she kicked out, and knocked Nekel off a ledge and into a 30 foot drop, killing him on impact. Alecxander bravely strode forward, and relied on Maximillion’s magical expertise to help neutralize this threat to the land. Accepting a few minor wounds, Mistress Virella dominated Alecxander’s mind and ordered him to “take care of the beast”. Maximillion realizing that events could spiral quickly out of control, quickly cast Glitter Dust, and blinded Mistress Virella. Alecxander then proceeded to follow the Mistress’s bidding, by petting, grooming and attempting to fee the Eidolon.

Down below Krosh, Blythe and Maud’dib in his leopard form tried with all their might to dispatch the orc champions, which proved to be more than capable in their own right. One Vampire was dangerous, two plus champions would prove to be near fatal.

Blythe was able to slip the Orc Champion pursuing her, opening up an opportunity for Maud’dib to pounce on it. Trading blows, Maud’dib took extensive wounds, and had to withdraw or risk death. Blythe meanwhile found her attempt to cover herself with the dead body of Vanquesh the Vitriolic thwarted when another of the Orc Champions blocked her path and took its own swings. Not one to run away from a battle with smelly orcs, Krosh put himself in harms way time and again to keep the humanoid monsters away from his less armored comrades.

Servant Savant, recognizing Krosh as the threat he was, dominated him, only to have Krosh break its hold soon after. Meanwhile, Alecxander and Maximillion had rendered Mistress Virella impotent. Once the orcs began dying, Servant Savant and Mistress Virella understood that there would be no victory. There were plenty of places to hide in this new territory of hers, and the two turned gaseous and disappeared into the caves.

Choosing not to follow, the group took a moment to regroup and work through the revelations they just discovered.

History told a story of the kingdom of Calagh, and a night of terror as Xak Tsaroth was destroyed by a black dragon named Narse the Maleficent. In this disaster, the kind lost both sons and his only grandchild to the dragon’s fury; a fury that was provoked by Alecxander’s brother’s greed, when he stole from Narse’s stronghold. The king died, not long after, broken and distraught. Alecxander’s wife, Caercynia, queen of the silver-haired elves of the Fallenwood had returned to her forest and closed her borders to all outsiders in her grief. her siblings Lycenia and Sylvani also returned from their travels to protect their people, fearing a vengeful dragon would continue to burn the entire land for their insolence.

Alecxander gaining a rare trait from his time spent in the other plane, was able to ascertain that this story was not in line with the actual story. In Alecxander’s memory, as he was at the battle of Passway, it was not Xak Tsaroth that was destroyed, but passway; and neither he nor Maximillion had perished, as his wife Caercynia had used forbidden magics to return him to the life of the living. Maximillion using his knowledge of the planes, acquired from his time spent on the other plane, deduced that perhaps, both stories were accurate. It seemed as if Alecxander had from an alternate reality, another plane of prime existence. Further talk, revealed Pathion to be Second Cousins to Maximillion, as she was cousins to Alecxander’s wife, Caercynia. Blythe, asserted that she was searching for her father, a male elf rumored to be one of the fair of the silver hair; one of Caercynia’s people.

One of the prophecies the group had received indicated that they were to head to the Tower of Sorcery in the Fallenwood, and a nagging feeling in Alecxander’s gut told him that the Tower was where they needed to head towards. During their time in the mines they had lost track of time, and so they needed to get their bearings, agreeing that a stop in Trijera would probably be best before continuing on to the Fallenwood and the Onyx Tower of Sorcery.

Blythe presented her drawing of her father to Alexcander in hopes that he may know if her father was part of the Fallenwood clan of elves. He did not say one way or the other.

The group desperately needed answers, as this adventure only created more questions.

Who are the three mysterious figures? They seemed benevolent and godly, but what was their agenda? Were they good or evil?

Who is this vampire that insists on destroying the dwarves in the mines? And what was the purpose of her joining the goblin, kobold, and orc races into one cohesive clan? What were her designs on the King of Calagh?

What purpose do Alecxander and Maximillion serve in this realm? Who brought them here?

Unknown to the group, in a not-so-distant land, a mother felt the death of her child. Rage swelled in her breast, and she let out a hideous roar that let acid fly. Death would come to those who destroyed Vanquesh. Death would come, indeed, and it would not be swift. It would be a thousand years of soaking in acid, it would be the most painful experience imaginable. It would be a death of legend.


Oh, I thought it was the baby’s mother. We did our best, baby’s mother, we did our best.

Free at last...?

Not all can be saved. Not every story ends in success. And death in this world is very real.

Free at last...?
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