A mysterious gnome.


As a young gnome, Muad’Dib found that he had a particular fondness for handling animals. He especially enjoyed finding orphaned animals, nursing them to full size, and then releasing them into the wild. He would spend hours and days teaching the animal to hunt its natural prey to be sure the creature would be able to survive on its own. In doing so, he learned more about the wild than most gnomes, and eventually earned the attention of a wise old druid named Cromwell. Cromwell would spend hours telling Muad’Dib tales of his adventures as a youthful druid. Cromwell introduced him to the wonders of druidic powers and even showed him that some druids can take animal form and assume the abilites of those animals. Muad’Dib’s life would never be the same.

Being in a remote village, Muad’Dib had only seen the occasional transient large humanoids, so what he knew of the larger humanoids he learned largely from Cromwell and the traders in town. Humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, and even ratfolk; all were mysteries that Muad’Dib hoped to someday meet. Cromwell warned him that not all large humanoids can be trusted, and that some would even kill a gnome for the shirt on his back; but Muad’Dib was not deterred. He knew there must be great and wonderful humanoids across the land, and he wanted to meet them all!


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