Loudwater scan0002.jpg

One of three small villages at the mouth of the Delimbyr River. Hastily fortified, by whatever materials were readily available. Thought to be protected by a small garrison of townsguard, that were more converted villagers than actual guard. Fenced in by a defensive structure that was more befitting of fencing in livestock than keeping out external threat.

Located within the village was a curiously decent sized “Gems and Baubles” store. Varoius buildings resembling an Armorsmith and a Weaponsmith were located centrally. Curious enough, next to the general goods store, is a “Potions and Components” vendor; a store that was thought to be more gimmick and fraud than anything else.

Addendum 12-13-14 (2nd day of Winter’s Dusk, 493 A.L.E.) = Loudwater is burned to the ground. And the “fake” potions and components store, proved to be less gimmick and more truth, as it exploded in a wondrous fashion, sending flames of green and purple into the evening sky.


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