Enter the Vale

Enter the Vale

"We didn't start the fire..."

The town of Loudwater bustling with the comings and goings of a great many shady folk, fell latest victim to the plague of the goblin infestation that is destroying the Lands of the Grey Vale, one building at a time. After what began as a boring night of heavy drinking and rumor mongering at the Dragon’s Codpiece Inn quickly escalated into a devastating fiasco that left most of the town burned to the ground, with at least a dozen of the resident villagers dead, and the townsguard murdered in their sleep.

In what seemed like a game, Goblins and their “kin” set fire to the very flammable dwellings that made up the small village, and danced away in the moonlight at the destruction left behind them. Very clearly enjoying the spectacle of another town falling victim.

After the initial alarm, the townspeople bolted, and attempted to quell the flames, while an unlikely group, ironically, all new to the area, battled the scourge, all the while wondering where the townsguard was. Horns had been sounded, but the blaring was noticeably absent throughout most of the fight.

Some came to the town as friends, most as strangers, but recent events have cast certain prejudices aside, and an unlikely ragtag group of “heroes” formed to help stem the raid. Despite some heroic efforts to save the temple, the rest of the village seemed lost to the persistent flames licking up the sides of the most of the buildings.

Night cries of glee, and chanting, in a very recognizeable Goblin language, and something more reptilian in nature, permeated from the distance and appeared to be getting closer; the cries of a warband marching to finish the job, the scouts had begun.

Though able to save the temple, whether it was blind luck or divine interference, the group did inexplicably congregate near the Potions and Components" building, where it proceeded to blow up, luckily causing little lasting damage, other than to push some of the other characters into the nearby buildings, and ensure the destruction of “Gems and Baubles”

A heroic effort to bust through an unlocked door by Krosh, resulted in the free’ing of 5/6 horses, the 6th in a panic state, could not make it out in time.

A quick search of the inn’s motel style rooms by Hazel,, yielded emptiness but also reward. It was discovered that an empty crib looked to have been occupied at once point, and in the next room over, all manner of possessions had been tossed, leading one to believe that someone was looking for something.

It was at this moment that the piercing cries of a baby, quickly stifled cut into the night, through all the commotion, and a frantic mother searching desperately, begging anyone who would lend a hand to help her find her child.

Stealing into the night, was a single “goblinoid” figure, quick and silent, that led the ragtag group on a chase throughout the nearby wilds, and into the Fallenwood, more specifically the territory north of that owned by the Woodland Elves, west of three camp road, in its arms a frightened and muffled infant child.

**If I missed anything, feel free to let me know, and i’ll add it. Particularly, anything you want to let the group know about. This will cover the, “did I tell the group about anything, did I not?” questions that may come up later.


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