Enter the Vale

The Elven Lords

Atop the Tower of Sorcery

The group, spent a goodly amount of time inspecting the odd glass gems expecting them to be a key of some sort. Alas, the liquid filled vessels proved to be useless, as whatever dweomer they were intended for had long since been expended.

Unlocking the door on the far end of the Tower, revealed yet another staircase. Not wanting a repeat of running head first into battle. Both Maud’dib in Aurian form and an Archon summoned by Maximillion went ahead to investigate.

Immediately the Archon sensed an evil entity, and made his way over to the general direction, but could not locate any such object. Maud’dib on the other hand only saw what was in front of him.

A sarcophagus lay on a raised platform, surrounded by mountains of coins., complete with a large brazier and magical flame. With no immediate threat in front of them, Maud’dib and the Archon returned to tell the others what they found. Krosh led the way into the next room, followed by Alexander. The Archon immediately went straight for the area where it sensed danger.

Waiting for the group to enter the room, the danger revealed itself, as a skeleton dropped its invisibility to attack the summoner’s creature. Making an effort to not group together, the group seemed to clump on the opposite end. It was at this time, that the second threat in the room, revealed itself, in a dark elf, a drow in the tower! Dropping his invisibility the black skinned elf, dropped a massive fireball that stopped the group in its tracks.

Trading blows, the group quickly dispatched the drow before the battle could really get going, and the skeleton crumbled to dust. Inspecting the body revealed a robe of bones, which. Maximillion quickly claimed as his own.

Opening the chests in the room revealed three blue potions, that inexplicably restored spells, half a long rests worth. Making their way up the next set of stairs, led them into a long corridor. As Krosh gingerly approached the closed door, a voice, decidedly, female called out to him.

“Due come in,” it said in a dull, almost bored tone. “It’s not locked, and we have been… expecting you.”

Choosing to enter in first, Alexander led the way, followed by Krosh and then Maximillion, while Blythe and Maud’dib waited outside the door.

Confidently striding up, Alexander revealed his form to the three elven lords sitting atop their dais, gaunt and drawn Bored, Sylvani bade Caercynia to dispose of the intruders and to do it quickly. Blythe sensing her father nearby, entered into the room.

Not sure what to expect, she indicated that she had been looking for him, only to be scoffed and spurned. Each of the lords spoke in a voice that was otherworldly, almost speaking in three distinct tones.

Verbal exchanges commenced, with passioned pleas from Blythe, Alexander and Maximillion. Some more effective, than others; but ultimately their pleas managed to convince Caercynia and Sylvani, if not outright invite them into their side.

During the course of the conversation, the three elven lords revealed that they had chosen to patron Urgathoa (Goddess of Gluttony, Disease, and Death), Lamashtu (Goddess of Madess, Monsters, and Nightmares), and Rovagug (God of Wrath, Disaster, and Destruction).

Claiming Sylvani to be a sentimental fool, Lycenia swung her staff causing considerable damage to her sibling; and battle ensued. Shocked Caercynia did nothing, not believing that her twin sister would attack their younger sibling.

Alexander strode up the stairs, attempting to put himself between Lycenia and Caercynia. Chaos sooned followed, as elves, held into place my magical means, were released, and soon battle engulfed the entire area. Shots were taken back and forth. Sylvani was the first to drop in battle, Blythe, not wanting to lose her father so soon, rushed to his side, to drop him a potion. Which he consumed. It wasn’t much, but it stopped him from dying, just as the third Wraith guardian entered into the room.

Soon reinforcements, entered the room, and whatever hold that swayed Caercynia soon released its grasp. The elven reinforcements no longer under mind control, took the opportunity to launch their spears at the Elven Queen. Two of the Four spears hit their mark, pinning the queen to the wall.

Dying Sylvani bade Lycenia to end the battle, they had been bested, and to sever the link. Knowing that Lycenia would do no such thing, Caercynia began ripping the shards from her body. Choosing to rather die, than submit, Lycenia continued on her assault.

The group soon dropped her, as well, and the Wraith Guardian held its place, not sure how to proceed, as did the elves in the room. Their minds no longer clouded, the elves watched, as the group tried desperately to save Sylvani and Caercynia, who had both dropped into unconsciousness.

The group had managed to save two of the three, with Lycenia dying, but were unsure how to proceed. Obviously, linked together by a magical means, one death would be catastrophic to the other two with serious consequences. Attempting, to remove the shards inbedded in them, would also result in dire consequences. Blythe remembered her encounter with the pool and how she had aged with the loss of a single shard. It would stand to reason that the loss of the number of shards imbedded in them would have similar consequences.

Now faced with a decision, the group has difficult decisions to make. To Maud’dib the choise was simple, the three lords had violated the natural order of things, and have apostled themselves to evil deities, crimes who punishment were deservedly death. Krosh, also not knowing how to proceed, stood back, content to watch while the group discussed their next course of action.

Alexander, Blythe and Maximillion were adamant on sparing their lives, and possible seeking redemption; while both Sylvani and Caercynia, prior to losing consciousness begged for them to end their miserable existence.


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