Enter the Vale

The Tower of Sorcery

Into the Tower

The group stood in a portal, mesmerized by the grisly scene before them. From what they could see they were in a circular room. Torches lined the walls, but only one was lit. Judging by their surroundings of bookshelves and desks the group determined they were in some sort of a laboratory. Blood and gore was splashed against the walls, and pieces of bodies, both humanoid and animal were scattered about. On a few of the tables before them were a number of dead specimens, gutted open, and twisted. The stench of rotting meat filled the air as their mind struggled to make sense of what they saw.

Krosh panicked, while Mau’dib stood dumbfounded while the rest of the group searched their immediate surroundings. Scattered along the floor were three orbs, one red, one blue, and one white. Maximillion approached the nearest bookshelf and recognized one belonging to Caercynia, his mother. Spiriting that away he pulled the lockbox from the top and used a quick open/close spell to bypass the magical lock. Securing the contents of coins, he moved to another shelf.

Blythe’s interests immediately went to the orbs lying on the floor, and through the use of her spellcraft was able to determine the magical rune of fire, a rune that also corresponded with a nearby pedestal.

Krosh in his panicked state discovered a large tapestry hanging on one of the walls depicting a red dragon breathing fire battling a blue dragon with a white one hovering aboe them both.

It was at this time Alexander surmised that the etchings on the blue orb matched the etchings on the south pedestal.

Blythe recognizing a pattern and puzzle, moved over to the west pedestal and recognized the runes for air. Determining that the orbs needed to be placed on the pedestal, the group placed the fire orb first. Dropping it onto the pedestal caused it to hover a few inches above, and the orb erupted into magical flame.

Alexander moved to place the blue orb, while Blythe and then Maud’dib inspected the documents scattered onto the nearby desks.

Blythe flipped through the journals quickly, skimming over details regarding magical experimentation combining animals and humanoid to create entirely new creatures. Flipping ahead she skimmed over another chapter detailing success and failures at creating undead. Frustrated she moved to place the white orb onto its sister pedestal.

The white orb, once placed, lost its shape entirely becoming ethereal, almost as if it were air, while the blue one became a floating ball of liquid. Completing the puzzle revealed a magical doorway that opened, revealing a staircase leading upwards.

Krosh, Maximillion moved to exit the laboratory, when a scraping sound caught their attention from somewhere up near the ceiling. Just able to make out shaped, Krosh for the first time noticed what appeared to be two spider like statues..

Maud’dib examining the experimentation ledgers further seemed disgusted by the practices described, and after stumbling across a particular chapter indicating that the elves had “discovered the secrets of the dark elves”, decided that he needed to set fire to the logs. Blythe, ran to the bookshelf nearest to the door and quickly began securing contents from it, tossing what she could into her bag, not wanting to lose any potential information regarding her father, Sylvani.

Krosh sensing some sort of immediate danger, scanned for traps, and proceeded into the stairwell. It was at this point that the two spider-like statues animated and began an assault on the group. It was a blur as the group scrambled, halfway expecting a threat, but not expecting something like this.

Two statues, resembling spiders from the waist down, but elves from the waist up launched an assault, as Blythe securing what she could followed Maximillion, Steelix and Krosh through the doorway.

Alexander, wanting to block any potential attacks stayed behind to delay, but not before a few lightning bolts were whizzed off. The first one seemed less powerful than it should have, but the next three certainly were not. Maud’dib used his magical reserves to transform into an air elemental and flew up to the ledge were the Driders were stationed.
Krosh noticed that there were 6 vials of red potions, and quickly surmised that they were likely potions of cure minor wounds. Grabbing all six, Maxilillion dashed by, as Maud’dib in air elemental form coalesced into the stairwell.

Maximillion met a dead end, but noticed a covering where a latch hid away a locking mechamism and yelled down to Krosh. Krosh sprinted up the stairs, and after a quick look determining that the lock was not trapped, flicked the lock that opened the well hidden rock door.

Alexander had his hands full keeping the two Driders at bay, as Maud’dib squeezed back through the cracks and used a slam to knock over the fire orb. This disassembled the puzzle, which caused the magicl doorway to seal, but not before one of the Driders made its way into the stairwell. The door sealed shut, and the Drider locked in the laboratory, unbeknownst, to the group returned to its perch. Alexander, having had enough of being blasted with lightning, managed to deal 40 points of damage at once, and smashed the Drider to a pulp.

The immediate threat ended, Krosh entered into the next room, leading the charge. In this room there was a summoning portal with gems seemingly melted into the rock in four corners, while smaller gems were scattered throughout the water.

As Krosh entered three new threats emerged. Having dealt with one of their kind just moments before, Krosh immediately recognized the Wraiths for what they were. Retreating to the doorway, Krosh’s companion immediately took to aid, and Steelix as well, as the onslaught began. Alexander made his way up the stairs and tried with all his might to draw the attention of the wraiths, but a wraith’s deadliness is not in its attacks, but its ability to sap strength. Focusing on one and then the other, Maximillion drew into his magical reserves, and temporarily forced an eidolon evolution. Hits were traded back and forth, as one of the wraiths Commanded another to ’warn the queen".

One of the three wraiths departed, just as Maximillions Eidolon was about to be destroyed. Alexander felt his sap being sucked out, as he and Krosh became the focal points of the undead assault. Blythe, low on spells, remembered that she had a staff of magic missile, and began burning through her charges. One wraith fell low, and with the third gone, the fight became much more manageable. A few seconds later, the group was able to bring the second wraith down, and could now turn their attention to the locked door on the far end.


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